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Display your Air Plants and Orchids in a modern and minimalistic way, this is how ArtAK proposes you do it!

  • EXOTIC CREATIVE AND VERSATILE - Display Air Plants in your living spaces keeping the focus in the beauty of the plants themselves. Create an indoor garden wall and living wall with ArtAK elegant minimalistic Air Knot planters. Modern wall mount planters for indoor plants and outdoors. Plant display, wall hanging planters. Excellent DIY live plant terrarium project with endless possibilities! Includes Air Knot Planters, Assorted Air Plants, Screws, Plant Care and Instructions card.
  • AIR KNOTS - Original and exclusively created and sold by ArtAK (PATENT PENDING). Air Knots propose a modern, minimalistic, fun and elegant alternative to display Air Plants and Orchids. Air Knots provide optimal conditions for Tillandsia to develop, flower and reproduce.
  • AIR CLEANING PLANTS and MINIMAL CARE - Tillandsias “Air Plants” have the power of filtering and cleaning indoor air. Light and water is all these evergreen hardy plants need! Air Knots allow you to enjoy the beauty and air cleaning benefits of air plants everywhere.
  • STYLISH AND MODERN - Free your imagination! Display your Air Plants collection anywhere and create lively unique spaces, terrariums and gifts. This ArtAK Creation will look great indoors or outside adding a special touch to any space.
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