About ArtAK

     Based in Miami, ArtAK designs and produces modern beautiful items for life's enjoyment. Our concept of luxury is the balance of beauty and function in a sustainable world. We are passionate about nature and bringing it into our living spaces. We encourage the use of creativity and all our products are designed to always be changing and adapting to the user.


     ArtAK was born in 2012 and was originally known for the unique merino wool felt handmade handbags and accessories for women. The exclusive personalized modern and functional bags and clutches are a staple of luxury and good taste for everyday and travel. More recently, we have extended our product line to tailor to the needs of modern families with the creation of unisex multi-function bags designed to transform with the user's needs. 

     We are delighted with our recent venture into the exciting territory of home decor and gardening with our planters and Air Knots lines. Bringing ArtAK's signature design principles into homes and work spaces has resulted in original proposals for plants display that invite the user to participate in the creative process.

     Thank you for visiting and stay posted for new and exciting designs!

Ana Knoll (Founder and Director of ArtAK)

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